Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trip to Wellington

It has been a while since last post, when I said everything was excellent and the kids were fine facing the the early winter.
But then we were made to realise that winter is too hard for us - the people bornt closer to the equator. We thought that the third year must be easier. But regardless of whether winter was the main culprit, after few weeks, each of us,  one by one, was down with flu, together with high fever, cough and cold.  It begun a week before our one-week trip to Wellington for a conference. Starting with Ainaa, Mr daddy and then Ammar. Ainaa's chest was very bad with almost non-stop coughing that we were advised to administer 4x puff of the ventolin. All the week preparing for the travel was difficult. We were not really ready and left many important things.  
I started feeling sore throat in the morning before the flight. Poor Ammar was coughing all the way in the flight. I was also sorry for the passenger next to him who looked really uncomfortable.
We arrived in Wellington at around 10 pm. Everything took more than 2 hours. Sadly our cooked chicken sambal was thrown away by the quarantine. Luckily we still got rice for the dinner. Car rental process was long too.   And in the midnight, our phone that we arranged for roaming was unable to contact the house owner that we rent. We tried to find a public phone, but all used card. Luckily the staff at the car rental service allowed us to use their phone. The car that we rent had no hand brake, the kind that we were not familiar with. It took a while to learn and confimred with the staff.

But exposed to 7 degree cold outside for a few hours, I suspect, worsen our health. Farhan caught the flu too. Mine was getting worse that I almost canceled my attendance to the conference. It was so bad that my cough prolonged for almost 5 weeks. But since we were there and considering the cost incurred and considerable time allocated for the preparation of the paper and poster, I managed to attend the one-day postgraduate workshop and made presentation along with my coughing. It was a postgraduate workshop held by the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law. Another is their annual conference that I attended some sessions relevant to my study only.

Because of our health, we spent most of the time indoor. That must be the most expensive journey for the time wasted there that otherwise could explore the region. But at home, watching Maori tv was fun too. We learnt some Maori language. I like the channel, but find the language is difficult to remember.

It is amazing actually seeing the position of the indigenous group in Wellington. Unlike Australia, when we arrived in Wellington, we could see that this is the country of Maori too. I think they are regaining their  golden age. Talking about the legal treatment of the indigenous minority, Steven, a student there said, the position of Maori in the country made them proud. It is regretful that I could not go around to see their life closer.
However, although unable to go to the places that we plan to visit, we managed to visit a few: The lively Te Papa (the museum), the stunning Te Whanganui a Tara (Wellington Harbour), and the amazing heritage buildings around the Victoria Law School of Wellington like the Bee Hive (Parliament) and courts buildings. For us, the Victoria Law School is excellently located as a law school. Around it is the Parliament, the supreme court and the court of appeal. The law students must have very good exposition on the working of the law in action. Mr daddy also brought the boys around taking ride in the cable car.
Wellington is a small city in mountainous area facing the sea. A low profile city, I think, but very beautiful. The waterfront is the background of the city. They preserve their heritage and natural environment very well. This is what made the city beautiful. There is no too big or too high building that if not make a city a brick jungle. The public transport is excellent, but quite expensive compared to Melbourne. The parking service is really expensive. The raw food I think is cheaper in Melbourne.

Halal meat and restaurant are easy to find. We found many restaurant serving halal food and a few restaurant serving Malaysian cuisine. We tried Biryani rice and teh tarik at an Indian Restaurant. The rice was so good that we feel we have to be here again if we were in the city again. We also visited Wellington mosque.
Hope we can visit this beautiful country again.

The Bee Hive, Te Whanganui a Tara and Victoria Law School located in the historic old government building.

 The cable car, replica of Treaty of Waitangi in the Te Papa, a historic building in the city locating a shopping centre, Victoria Law School of Wellington and the main entrance to Te Papa.