Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Bluff Lookout

Spectacular views which can be enjoyed from The Bluff Lookout, located at Point Flinders, Barwon Heads in Ocean Grove. But I doubt the capability of our tiny little camera to capture the real beauty. Just for remembrance somehow.

Do plan to reach here just before sunset. It's a real great view, stunning, magnificent and inspiring... no word can be enough to describe!

Smith Beach, Ocean Grove

After a short stroll at the Victoria State Rose Garden, we headed to Ocean Grove. The town is located on the Bellarine Peninsula, 25 km south-west of Geelong and 98 km south of Melbourne. It took about an hour from the Rose Garden to reach the busy tourists town. Moreover it was public holiday. Ocean Grove lies on the eastern bank of the Barwon River estuary which separates it from its twin town of Barwon Heads.

It has great and beautiful beach for us to spend the whole day. The kids must be the happiest.

Ada penguin kesejukan di sini...

Victoria State Rose Garden

This is the first term school holiday. For this we took the time to have a time-out too. Our first excursion to outer suburban Melbourne, joining Kak Nab family and other four families' convoy, was to Ocean Grove, 98 km south of Melbourne. On the way of the one-day journey, we stopped at Victoria State Rose Garden to enjoy the smell of roses. The internationally acclaimed garden is located in Werribee Park.

A wild wallaby posing for us.