Saturday, January 9, 2010

Online grocery shopping

Shopping used to be stress healing for me :-) Many must agree with me. But just forget it here.
These are the first groceries delivered to our home that we shopped online. There are a range of websites provided by supermarkets here for convenient shopping from home with reasonable delivery fees. We paid AUD$5.00 for the delivery.
Due to scarcity of time that we have, we opt to shop online for monthly groceries other than the wet products such as meat, fish and vegetables. The wet products can also be bought online, but considering that we need to buy them weekly and the fees to be paid, we still need to get them from the wet market by ourselves. But at least the shopping time can be minimised.

All about food

Farhan insisted of having KFC. So we prepared our clone KFC. Just see how they enjoyed the food.
Ours must be better set: fried chicken, fries, coleslaw plus the fruit salad.
One fine day, our Australian neighbour invited Arif to come to his house to pluck some plums from his backyard, which is full of variety of fruit trees. It is at across the road in front of our house. See this. Have you ever tried "masak lemak cili api ikan" with plum? Try it, it's a good substitute of kamias (belimbing buluh). Someone must be mouth watering thinking about this. Huh yummy.. Ayu, rasanya kat sogo boleh cari plum macam ni.. :-P

And when you are are far from the hometown, you'll miss so many things and willing to sacrifice the time to prepare this for supper. What a lovely housewife I am (?) :-P

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Today is the 16th day of 1431H and 2nd day of year 2010. A year goes and another comes. How fast time flies. We would like to wish ourselves and everyone Happy New Year. May Allah grant us His Compassionate and Merciful throughout our journey in this world and hereafter.

In the Eve of New Year, Victorian state again announced the free public transportation started at 6.00 pm until the first service transportation on New Year Day. This was to give chance to community here to watch the New Year Celebration organised by the government. Most of the activities such as fireworks display, New Year Countdown etc were held at the city. However, there was a very heavy rain on the New Year Eve at Melbourne. I could not imagine how the Melburnians here went out to celebrate New Year with wet weather which was then followed by a few thunderstorms.

In conjunction with these New Year, I pray to Allah the Almighty to bless us a motivation to study hard and smart, to manage our time to study and taking care of family efficiently, and to give us a piece of mind at all times. I fully believe that Allah will always help us at any time and at any place. May Allah bless our family forever. Amin...