Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nasi lemak and the birds

We had lunch and solat at the garden.

Carlton Garden

Garden at the back of Melbourne Museum.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Melbourne Museum - Part 3: History etc

It claims to be the first book arcade in the world.
Inside a house from the past.

Visitors lining up for entrance ticket.

Aborigines of Victoria.
This indicates what land means for the Aborigines, in struggle for recognition of their lands which were taken from them and still justified by the baseless law.

Garden at the back of the building. We like the scene very much.
Miniature of tropical forest of Australia.

Melbourne Museum - Part 2: Animals

Melbourne Muzeum - Part 1

When it comes to bring the kids out, muzeum would never be our choice. But Melbourne Muzeum seems to have its own unique attraction. It's not only about history, but about everything. Life as a whole. The way it is presented makes it alive, different from a common muzeum. We went to Melbourne Muzeum last two weeks. Presenting our student card, we get free entrance. Normal fee is AUD$8.00. It's free for kids. These are the photos from the front building.

For mothers

It may be too late for this. But we want to forward this to our mothers too.. Pn Ramlah Hj Ishak and Pn Maharani Ngah. Kami sayang Mak. We do not really realize till this date that your company and love in life is always needed even at this age that we have our own family. Miss you so much.

Finding the light

It has been quite a long time we do not look at and update this page. Life seems in the whirlwind .. feel like in a tunnel with so many junctions.. with clock felt ticking so fast. It's a big relief to find a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.