Sunday, April 17, 2016

New addition to the family

Alhamdulillah, double joys for us last year. One is accomplishment of our PhD, the other is another addition to our family members, Ilhan.

I carried him in my womb at 7 months all the way to Melbourne, for graduation in October, squeezing in the small seat of the flight. The travel did make me anxious for months before travel, as to whether I could be there safely, and sound, considering my quite big tummy, as always I had when carrying the other two baby boys. It turned out I did well throughout the journey. My mom, who went with us, amazed that I could go out and walked long distance all days that we were there.

This is me in front of the Law School, Victoria University - mom of 7 months pregnant :-)

Ilhan was bornt at the end of December last year. He will be 4 months by next week. He likes to smile all the time, andhas started learning to get on his tummy. He isquite easy to be taken care of, although often is difficult to put him to sleep during day time.