Saturday, January 9, 2010

All about food

Farhan insisted of having KFC. So we prepared our clone KFC. Just see how they enjoyed the food.
Ours must be better set: fried chicken, fries, coleslaw plus the fruit salad.
One fine day, our Australian neighbour invited Arif to come to his house to pluck some plums from his backyard, which is full of variety of fruit trees. It is at across the road in front of our house. See this. Have you ever tried "masak lemak cili api ikan" with plum? Try it, it's a good substitute of kamias (belimbing buluh). Someone must be mouth watering thinking about this. Huh yummy.. Ayu, rasanya kat sogo boleh cari plum macam ni.. :-P

And when you are are far from the hometown, you'll miss so many things and willing to sacrifice the time to prepare this for supper. What a lovely housewife I am (?) :-P

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