Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday there was a weekly routine of meeting with my supervisor. After the meeting which lasted almost 3 hours, (what a blurred brain I was after listening to his lecture and being interrogated of my draft), I accompany my brother who came here a a week ago to take my mother back to Malaysia. So I would lose company of my mother who was so helpful for the start of our life here. I don't know how chaotic it would be if we come here without her starting the so different life in this alien land.

We are so busy to meet the weekly deadline that we couldn't spend time to take my brother going round Melbourne. He was almost on his own wandering the city. So, pity him for taking photos of Melbourne without him in the picture, I decided to spend little time being a kind photographer for him. At least I won't regret failing to meet his expectation when coming here assisting us to bring our mother back home.

Here are some of the photos of amateur photographer.


Izan said...

hahaha.. Next time i'll send another volunteer to do work there.

Arif and Iza said...

who will? a warm welcome from us