Thursday, July 8, 2010

Change of role

Life is totally different here. We take equal role together now taking turn studying and tending for the kids. Today when I came back from the university, I found a meat kurma in the pot! Mak anjang and makteh especially must be surprised by this. It was prepared by their brother! Last Tuesday, when it was my day to study, he cooked chicken curry. He is developing an interest to cook nowadays. I think the foods he prepared are getting better and yes, they are really fine. On the day for me to study, he will prepare food early in the morning for me to bring it to the university for the lunch. I no longer have to do it before leaving the home. Usually one of us will spend time the whole day at the university and the other will take charge at home sending Farhan to and back from school and Ainaa to the child care centre while Ammar is with us at home.

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amin mursyidi said...

Cayalah bang cik.... memang suami solehlah...kak cik, u deserve it....hehe