Saturday, August 21, 2010

Australian Federal Election

While waiting for my peanut sauce on the stove to cook, let me upload these photos. The father has marinated some meats for his satay that he talked about since last several days. So I am preparing the nasi himpit (following my mother's traditional style) and the peanut sauce, while updating this page.

Today is the federal election day for the country. We went out this morning for a while to see their election process. Farhan's school is made the polling centre. There are many differences can be seen comparing to our home country. There is no posters war around the street. Only one or two can be seen from some private houses. Some people were seen distributing posters days before the election at the train stations. No busy road on the day. No crowd around the polling centre. Just like the day that they changed their Prime Minister couple of months ago, everything went just relax on the day which is said as the closest run race in years for the two candidates for the PM seat.

Unlike ours, voting is compulsory for the citizens. The election for the House of Representative is held apart of maximum of 3 years. The media are very open giving opinion for or against the candidates even to the current PM.

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