Friday, January 28, 2011

Mini train

One Sunday couple of weeks ago, we had fun taking ride on this miniature train. Called as Diamond Valley Miniature Railway Eltham, it is located at Eltham Lower Park, about 20 minutes drive from our home.

The trains look like real trains except the passenger carriages. The railway is completed with whistles and signals.

The cost is only $3.00 per person. The ride takes about 15 minutes going round the park, through tunnels, up and downhill. So we really enjoyed the scenery. It is really a great day out for the family. 


Izan said...

alahai.. cutenye train...

..::emi::bentou-ibu::.. said...

thanks for "visiting".... smpi bila kat sana??

Arif and Iza said...

Izan, trains tu sumer mmg cute, nanti bawak faris semua pi naik..

Emi, tak sampai separuh jalan lagi kat sini. Insya allah kalau semuanya berjalan lancar, 2 tahun lagi kat sini.

Emi ke bumi aikido jugak nampaknya.. masih practise aikido lagi?