Friday, March 18, 2011


People say the episode of life that we would miss so much is the life in the university. As for me, its true - am still and always miss the friends and events in the long left campus. The memory really held with it I think all happiness except the stress facing the examination period that I don't think I can go through it again. Seeing someone, best friends from the past really make a day. Moreover, for me, getting together with friends is a rare luxury.

Last Tuesday, Ina and I had a short get-together with Laily. Laily and Ina are good friends from my university at undergraduate level. Ina is also studying here. Laily came to Melbourne for a visit. But for now, since not really have time to write much on this - I borrow the post from ina. Thanx Ina.

I may update later if possible.


Hunny said...

Salam Iza
dah tengok dah entry tu.. jelesnya dgn korang..:(

Arif and Iza said...

he he.. oa'an kalau jeles, mai la dtg sini..