Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The fieldwork

This is a note about my fieldwork, which is a part of the research project that I am undertaking. 

My supervisor said, everyone will feel anxious about this, but once it has started everything will fall into place. He said this when I said to him that I was really anxious about the fieldwork - about whether people would want to speak to me on the matter, whether people would want to cooperate with the research, whether people that I meet would really want to answer the questions.  

For the start, at this point of time, I have completed 10% of the target but 10 lesser in number will do actually. The same number has also been achieved by Mr Daddy, who is also on the field.. It's a race heh!

I started off with 3 people in the same footage with me, having research on the same issue but different specializations. Another is I met with one from a category that represents the group itself. Researching an issue, which only recently I realized (that the naive me) as a complicated social science issue as it affects the law and its implementation and development, I think requiring certain level of brevity and ability to interact that I feel I need to develop.  

This far, I found that I met with helpful and cooperative people. They are really inspiring, motivating and cooperative. One said, the research, the issue and its life itself make us a better person. It really will transform us, the way we sees things, the way we deals with others. Thing which is worth doing,  a former lecturer in IIUM said. Another said, he hopes to see me bringing back the report that will give some contribution in the field. That statements are real drive factor for us to move.

Still it's a long way to go. But both of us hope it has already fallen into place.

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