Thursday, July 14, 2011

Testing the service of inter-library loan?

To save time and cost of journey to different libraries, the service of inter-library loan (ILL) would be indispensable. ILL is the service to get books borrowed by a library which we have borrowing capacity from other libraries in the country especially university and public libraries including the National Library.

But the experience that we had so far is sadly frustrating. Coming back from a country which I could rate the ILL service as tip-top, it is still long way for the libraries in this country to improve. It was not that I had never tried to use the service before starting my current undertaking, which the performance could be considered overall as low, but just hoping that things had improved over the year.

Out of 12 requests that I made since last months, only 2 requests were successful so far, which reached to the base library only after about 4 weeks. There were 6 requests made to the library of an institution that I attached with. The 2 successful requests were from this library. The other 6 were made from u-pustaka, which none was successful. 

On top of that, despite the so many online services exist in the university, the request for ILL could only be made through a paper form to be signed and sent to the base library.

So, shall I just forget the service?

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