Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The work

Last week we went to Sg Tua, Selayang. It was a long journey of 70 km taking almost 3 hours drive due to traffic jam. It was raining in the morning. The temperature meter in Jalan Istana junction showed that it was 23 degree Celsius at 9.30 am - a once in a while occasion for Kuala Lumpur city. The news in the radio said that a bad traffic accident  was the cause of the obstruction. But when we drove through Jalan Istana, there was nothing seen. Perhaps the vehicle involved was already removed.

In Sg Tua we attended a national inquiry session held by Suhakam. It was a part of the research work that we are undertaking currently. The inquiry was held to investigate the problem relating to land right issues among the indigenous peoples of the country. It was a good experience seeing people from various sections in the society who are directly involved in the issue. Seeing people who are active and committed in promoting for their cause that they believe in and striving for was really inspiring. We really hope to see in our lifetime the fruits to their efforts.


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