Saturday, November 5, 2011

Second birthday

Our little Ainaa has reached 2 last August. We had a small celebration at her grandma's house together with her cousins, just the night before Eid. So this is an outdated post.. huh.

How fast time flies. Only a little baby before and now is a toddler - an insisting and persistent 2 years old. Just like her brothers at this age 2-4 year, you'll have to be very patient to wait the phase passed - they want people to follow her and not otherwise. 

She could walk before her first birthday. She could talk clearly at early second year of her life. Many would ask how old is she when listening to her talking.

With 2 brothers, she would choose cars and lorries for toys rather than a doll. She understands simple disciplne - like throwing rubbish in the bin and not anywhere. She could be depended on to put away her toys. But that depends on her mood too.

She, I notice, know how to make people adoring her. You will laugh just hearing her laughing. If the daddy ask, whose daughter is she, she would say, "anak bapak!" (daddy's daughter) with childish high tone, and change the answer if I asked the question. She said: "anak emak!" (mommy's daugther).  

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