Thursday, March 29, 2012


We went to Tasmania last week. It is a beautiful place indeed. We really wanted to travel accross the country. But with the kids, it would be such a bad plan. So we went to three regions at southern area. From Hobart International Airport, we went straight to Richmond about 20 km north. From Richmond we headed down 70 km to Tasman Peninsula and spent one night in Taranna. The last two nights were spent at Hobart, in Treasure Island caravan park. The kids really had a great time.

Here are some of the photos to share.

A fest at Richmond.

Tasman devil and the friendly kangaroos,
Conservation Park, Taranna, Tasman Peninsula.

Flowers at Botanical Garden, Hobart.

The famous Sea Shepherd ship, park behind the Supreme Court, Royal Botanical Garden, and the windy summit of Mount Wellington, Hobart.

Stunning beaches: Nubeena, Tasman Peninsula and
Dunalley, taken near Dunalley Fish Market.

The historic Richmond Bridge and
the sunrise from the cabin at Treasure Island Caravan Park, Hobart.

Historic buildings and University of Tasmania, Hobart.

Richmond and the historic buildings.

Buildings near Salamanca Parade, Supreme Court of Tasmania and Parliament.

 Mosque at Hobart, but it was closed when we arrived at 3pm. The others are the park near Salamanca Parade at the back of Hobart Supreme Court.

Salamanca Fruits Market.

Treasure Island Caravan Park, Hobart.


Shana' said...

bestnya kak Iza...nak nangis je tengok...sob sob

Arif and Iza said...

apasal plak nak nangi shana.. bukannye pi mekah ke madinah.. nanti kalau shana pi umrah lagi k iza nak ikut..