Friday, April 20, 2012

Message from the forests

It has been many times actually I have come accross this message. But every time I read it again, it would not fail to make me stop and think, what is it that we are all trying to find in our life. It seems that wealth must be the most important thing, as seen from what we encounter in every day life. Say differently but it has taken the centre of our life.

What is the message though?

Tebu, from the forest of Pahang, said through Tuck-Po:

"Take away the forest, the ... (world) ends.
We want people to know that the world can end.
Already there aren't trees." 
Lye Tuck-Po, Changing Pathway: Forest Degradation and Batek of Pahang (2005)

Another similar message from the people of Dandakaranya forest:

"Can you leave the water in the rivers, the trees in the forest?
Can you leave the bauxite in the mountain?"
(Arundhati Roy, Broken Republic, 2011)

Arundhati bitterly reminds, "if they say they cannot, then perhaps they should stop preaching morality to the victims of their wars."

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