Sunday, January 27, 2013

Farhan's theory on how baby comes to life

Recently at the hospital, when Farhan was having an ultrasound done, he told the radiologist, 'it looks like that I am pregnant'. When asked what baby inside there, he said it might be twins ;-)

And recently he came up with two theories on how baby comes to life.
1. egg - hatches a tadpole - tadpole transform into baby.
2. egg1 + egg2 + egg3 all hatch tadpoles - combine into a baby.

How to explain?


Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

haha comel :-)

Lina Fung Hashim said...

Farhan is definitely a brainer. For him to be able a theory on how baby develops is smart, but to come out with a couple of options is amazing. Most probably the outcome of how he is trained at school, yah?

Arif and Iza said...

Ina and Lina:
:-) ha ha .. he may have seen somewhere about this, but could not really understand..

there is one book in the Glenroy library that he found, (when he was about 6 years) like comic about this, (I read someone wrote about this book in newspaper in the home country - that it is not proper to be in the shelf) .. we were also reluctant to allow him to read the book .. undetermined until now on how to explain ..

about school, I love to write so many things about their method, and how the kids respond very well and how they love school very much.. but do not really have time ..

I think your prediction is highly probable, Lina