Monday, November 9, 2009

Another silaturrahim visit.. to my hometown

I am so tired right now from another long journey to my hometown, Luit, Maran to visit our near relatives.
We did not really recover from the cold that caught us due to the change of weather but we did not have any other time. There are exactly two weeks left before we depart to Melbourne. And there are so many things in mind unsettled!
Another reason that we really need to go despite out health status is that we need to bring my mother here. She will go with us to Melbourne for about two months especially to look after the small baby while we are able to settle down everything necessary.
We need her these weeks because we need to leave the baby at home to go to several libraries to collect certain materials needed for our topic. I do not really trust the maid to tend for the small baby. That's why I bring the baby to the office since my maternity leave ended last week.
However, my mother suddenly had another inevitable thing to attend to and she will only able to come just two days before we depart.
By the way, even though I had quite a long list of people to see, we just managed to visit my dear uncle, Ecik at Kuantan, Paklong at Maran and Pakteh, Makcik and Makcu who reside just around my mother's house. We are so tired that we just spent saturday afternoon sleeping. And sunday morning, after packing some delicous and tasty (indeed) bakso that kakak and abg Zizan prepared early in the morning, off we came back to Seri Putra.

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