Saturday, November 14, 2009

Farhan's kindy concert

Kindy pupils are having fun these last weeks of schooling. So as Farhan and his friends. Last saturday, we went to enjoy the annual concert of Seri Pelangi Kindergarten held at a rented hall at KUIS. This was a graduation day for 6-year-old kindy children, but for Farhan, 5 years old, who will start his compulsory schooling at Melbourne next year, this should be his graduating day from kindergarten too.

This was the performance by Farhan's class - 5 Starfish - singing a choir song and another was a dance, something to do with "let dance a disco" . Hu hu I don't really remember for at that time I was so busy trying to record the performance, but, aiyo, it's my mistake that I didn't press the video record button of the camera.. appara..

The kindergarten's sweet principal.
Posing for photos while enjoying the concert.

And who knows that attending an appreciation day of a kindergarten you would get a big prize such as this. What a lucky day that we won a grand prize for the lucky draw, a food hamper, microwave oven of my dream and vouchers amounting to RM300 for car tinting service.

Surely we will ship the item to Melbourne.

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