Saturday, December 26, 2009

Exploring Melbourne

Christmas day is our leave day too. On this special day for the country, public transports, which are very extensive and efficient here, like trains, trams and buses, are free including those going to towns far from Melbourne. We planned to take the opportunity to spend the day at Geelong, a beautiful town located about an hour ride by train from Melbourne.

However, since the weather forecast indicated that there might be a wet Christmas day, and we might not be able to stand the cold and windy temperature, we decided to just go round the city, which we were yet to explore.

We took bus from home to reach Gowrie train station about 5 km away and caught train to Flinders St Station, located at the heart of Melbourne city. The kids who had never travelled by train were so excited with the 20 minutes ride. We also brought them to take a tram ride to go to a park near a train station before we led home.

The beauty of Melbourne lies mainly on its historic building.

Ha ha, our clothes are just like those in winter. People will know that you've just arrived ... hu hu sejukk..

Melbourne is also famous with its garden and parks.

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Dayu said...

geram tgk ammar..
dah mcm anak omputih dah dia, mesti tambah putih nanti

aina dah besar...
sebijik mcm farhan