Thursday, December 31, 2009

Work againt yourself?

Suddenly this blog serves mainly as reminder to ourselves, apart of a place to record the memories while we are here. Being here, working alone, the only player in the team, absolutely excruciatingly selfishly lonely, we tend to have a lot of monologues. So, reader(s), bear with this (once in a while[?]) occasion.
I remember, Prof Jai, once in his speech, likens the work of academic as playing golf. I don't know how to play golf (and don't feel to), but he said it's different from any other games in the sense that it challenges the player ownself, not against other players as other games. You need to know the strategies to go as far as you can. No other person can compete with you, but yourself.
But, working alone like this, you can easily, strayed from the pathway. Questions linger in your mind. Am I on the right track? How do I compete with myself?

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