Saturday, March 6, 2010

About blogging

Sometimes I am struck by questions relating to blog writing. Why do I blog? Are there any implications resulting from sharing personal matters that I failed to contemplate? Am I nurturing 'self-centredness' in myself which is the threat against future generations currently posed by the culture of blogging?

I found no easy answer for those. I myself am new to this. It actually started with a suggestion I found during IELTS preparation, that writing blog is a good way to improve English writing skill. So I started this blog mainly for that particular objective which is crucial for my work especially the current commitment and become fond for it. Hence, this is also the reason for the 'formal' manner of writing that you may find here. The choice of language also follows from the same reason - not to undermine my own mother tongue, the national language of my beloved country - I am the patriotic sort, that is!

Since I do not have much time to update this blog frequently, many posts in here were produced in train or while waiting for the train. So, I wrote anything surrounding my life that come to my mind except those which are too personal or too political. I am no preacher of my own opinion (at least not in this blog..).

I think in the next century, blogs may be another source for historians and researchers to understand our life, perspectives, perceptions, opinions and way of thinking. At the least however, if this continued, and of course if it did not lose in the giga billion of data in the internet brain, our children will have some account of their parents's life when rising them rather than us who sometimes found our parents' old diaries in an old box under the bed with occasional notes on certain expenses and important events like our birth - which surely marked a watershed in their life. It did tell us something. What's more with pictures and what not that we have now.

So, hopefully there is nothing negative about this.

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melissa said...

salam. iza, melissa here. lamanya tak dgr kabar berita. dlm fb si azizan (adik ko ke tu) yg smpikan salam ko kat aku. aku terkejut gila nih. tgk2 blog ko ni. takde fb ke beb?