Saturday, March 27, 2010

Melbourne Zoo

The kids looked lonely after Tok Wan left. So we decided to bring them out. After all it had been quite a long time we didn't go out to have a family trip. So we decided that a zoo must be a great day out for the kids and the parents too.

Here are some of the photos.

I think their elephants must had been imported from Indonesia and Thailand. They brought together not only the animals' surrounding nature and habitat but also the local human culture. See the 'warung' (Malay word for village cafe'), with the Indonesian and Thai words.

The zoo celebrates the recent birth of their baby elephant, named Mali. It brings such a joy to the all too.

The same applies to the Orang Utan. The Malay words, the language of the peoples of the location where the animals originate are used here too.

What a lovely animal! It is so cute and friendly too. It looked at the public and it seemed as if it talked to the people. It's truly amazing.. and it was never enough to see this little tiny cutey bird..

Yes, it was such a great day except when Ammar started throwing tantrum. Luckily it happened at the end of the wonderful excursion. He might be too tired for a day long trip.

For those who plan to visit the zoo, we paid AUD$55.50 for a family of 2 children. Child below 4 years old is excepted. Extra $7.00 for each extra child. There is a carousel park inside alluring the children for a ride - $3.00. A good walking shoe is a must for the need to walk a long distance. Bring a lot of foods for kids easily got hungry and the foods sold here are quite expensive, by students standard - such as us... . The toilet is not up to satisfaction. Bring a stroller. Kids got tired easily. There is no mini train ride round the zoo as we have in the Malaysian National Zoo. By this term, I would give our National Zoo more stars!

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