Saturday, May 1, 2010

About food again

My first ever lasagna. Recipe can be googled, a lot of simple recipe can be found. For this I got from, by Eza, if I'm not mistaken. Thanx. The variation I made is I use the bolognese paste sauce branded Dolmio to lessen the preparation time. Tasty and yummy, said Farhan and Ammar, including the father, who asked me to make it again next weekend.

For the cooking too, I recently bought a stick mixer, AUD$39.00 at KMart. I found this simple mixer is so handy. It makes cooking easier especially to prepare food for Ainaa, who has started solid food since about 5 months old. She loves mashed potato, carrot and apple puree and chicken soup which is pureed too. It's good to make minced meat and chopping vegetable for salad.

After surveying several recipes, I tried to cook this pulut kuning (I think pulut is called sweet rice in English) in the microwave. Instead of hours, it took about 15 minutes only.

For my record, the rice is to be soaked overnight with some tumeric powder and I added some tamarind paste for I don't have the asam gelugor as suggested. This is for the color, I think. But it still has nice color.

2 cups of rice require 2 and half cups of liquid. The rice is to be cooked with 1 3/4 cups of plain water in high mode for 10 minutes. Then pour 3/4 cup of cooked and salted coconut cream. Cook another 5 minutes in medium high and it's done.

It's normally served with meat curry or rendang but I just served with fried egg and meat sambal, the leftover from the day before.

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