Saturday, May 1, 2010

Small garden in our backyard

This post is especially for Emak, my mother, whose credit should go in making our small garden, now ready for us just to eat..
Tiny little blue/Thai ginger (Lengkuas in Malay) - almost 6 months already.

Chillies, which are so fat..
Daun kesum, taken from Kak Ika, our closest Malaysian neighbour in the vicinity. So, for sure we won't miss the Laksa Penang.

Lemon grass, it seems so hard to grow here.. hopefully it can go through the rough weather of forthcoming autumn and winter. At the back is chilli.

Pumpkin flowers. Just flowers so far, yet to grow any pumpkin.

So we can eat fresh tomatoes from our backyard for several weeks.


Fadhilah said...

what a spledid garden you have. I envy the part that you have daun kesum and galangal.

Arif and Iza said...

Del, here at Melbourne, when it comes to food, you can find almost anything. Kalau rajin masak, won't miss the Malaysian food