Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lamb kuzi and masak lemak cili api

About cooking and eating again this time. With abundant of lambs and meat in the fridge from the Aidil Adha, I thought of trying new recipes. It has been quite a long time that I wished to cook lamb kuzi style, especially after tasting some cooked by Kak Sham in one of our BBQ gatherings of Malaysian fellow community here. After some googling exercise, I tried a recipe from here: I forgot to take photo of the very first of my kuzi, but it was so delicious. Farhan and Ammar ate the gravy with bread.

Another dish that I longed for for quite some time is 'daging salai masak lemak cili api' or if according to the masterchef style of calling the dish name: 'grilled meat with coconut cream, tumeric and chilli'... A couple of days before this, Kak Nab gave us some of the same dish, but cooked with green plum from her backyard. It was so delicious that Farhan just sipped the gravy despite the spicy taste of chilli. So this morning I made it again. I grilled the meat in a gas griller. Its purest form to get the real taste should be on coal / firewood, but where to get those here? It may not supersede the one with the pure coconut cream as made by our long lost friend, Shuhaida (missing her very much), whose hometown is Kuala Pilah which is popular with a variety of masak lomak cili apinya.., but it did taste good. Talking about this masak lemak cili api, I remember the one cooked with grilled sembilang fish. Kak Yam brought this dish couple of years ago when the family dropped by at our home - also from Kuala Pilah, her husband's hometown. That was a pure dish of its kind till we won't forget it.

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