Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh my baby

It has been several days that Ainaa was quite restless at nite. We suspect that must be because of the change of temperature in the transition to summer these days. Temperature is getting higher each day, but sometimes it drops drastically leaving the inhabitants struggling to cope with.

A restless baby means sleepless nite for the parent too. On Tuesday, I went to see the supervisor at 9am for weekly meeting with back pain, dizzy and blurred mind for lack of sleep, trying to concentrate the long response of the knowledge-generous professor to my short explanation of the what-has-been-done things for the week. I believe if I have written down everything he said in our weekly meeting, I should have published a book.

I left the supervisor’s office at 11 o’clock more blurred. The intention was to go home and to have some sleep. May be I could spend the nite to study if I could have some sleep in the afternoon. But once I reached the house, I notice there were many missed calls from Ainaa’s care centre recorded in the phone. It was in silent mode for the morning meeting. When I called back, Susie, the babysitter, told me that Ainaa was having fever for 39.4C. It is the policy of the centre not to give a baby any medication, so we would have to be quick to pick her up. So off we went to the centre, gave her some panadol, brought her home and tried to lower down the temperature. She was good then. So no sleep for the afternoon, no study for the night... Coffee would not work in this situation.

Until yesterday night, she was still restless, having difficulty to sleep but active and healthy during the day. Hope the phase will get over soon.
This morning, the father proposes something to deal with this. The one who will not be going to the university the next day will look after the baby the nite before if she was not asleep. If both of us stayed awake, we would not benefit the following day. Will this work?


The journey said...

get well soon, insya Allah.

Arif and Iza said...

Thanx kak, she has recovered, but presently this week, she is enduring another phase of hay fever - it's been 3 days already. Wish she'll get well soon, and have better immunity.