Monday, February 7, 2011

First day kinder for Ammar

Today is the first day for Ammar going to kinder. Before we had brought him to the class twice. One's for the orientation couple of months ago and the other for the parents' interview session last week. At both times he seemed having fun and so eager waiting for the class to start. For the first two weeks, the class is held twice a week only for 2 hours. On Monday, it's 12.45 - 2.45pm. On Thursday, it's 9.00 - 11.00 am. For the rest of the school terms, it would be 3 hours each session on Monday, Wednesday to Friday. 

However, contrary to the impression given before, today he really gave us difficult time. He wanted me to stay with him. He refused to join the classmates unless I stayed behind him.  It ended up with Ainaa, the lil' girl, who was with me, dancing while listening to songs, playing with the toys abundant there and clapping hand together with the big kids.    

Will update with photos if got time later.


umairatul fadhilat said...

hahaha...yg nie dpt gen mksu nie, tkut p sekolah..=)

Arif and Iza said...

dah 4 hari pi sekolah (2x seminggu) duk suruh bapak tunggu lagi, sian la teacher kena tunggu