Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting together

21st February was Farhan's birthday. But there were so many other reasons to get together too.  One of it was appreciating Kak Nab, Abg Rasul and family who was to go back to the home country. It was also an intention long overdue that we wanted to invite friends especially those residing nearby to come to our house, partly to appreciate friends who helped us in so many ways.  

Farhan had turned 7. This is a significant year indeed. He had to start learning to pray regularly, to fast and to learn basic obligations as Muslims. We pray that our children will grow to become obedient good Muslims. The celebration was also for Ammar that we did not have time to do it for him on last November. Since the talk about the birthday came up, almost every day he drew a birthday cake with both his name and his brother's on paper. Thus both names were there on the cake. That was the second cake that I decorated, and the third was for K Nab. Not so pretty, but it went well to the tummies ;-P

We also got special cup cakes from Aunty Idah. 


Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

Happy Birthday Farhan. Bila lah nak jumpa ni yer..leh auntie bag hadiah :-)

Anonymous said...

salam iza and arif..wahh.. sedapp makann aritu...tq yee..siann ammar tak tau buat utk dia sekali..kalau tak bole bagi present dia sekali..

Arifiza said...

Ina: Thanx :)
idah: takpe, mmg ada hadiah utk dia jugak, mesti ada untuk semua sekali. kalu tidak, kacau la jadinya. Masa birthday ammar tu, celebrate jugak tapi cara emergency la.. sebab overlook. Farhan dah remind awal2 lagi sejak bulan lepas. Siap tanda kalendar tiap hari.