Monday, April 11, 2011

The cold

It's 4.28am. 4.4 degree Celsius. God's willing, at last the writing commitment that I undertook to complete before has finished. In fact in struggle actually - struggle with tissues and sneezing all the time. I am struck with a very bad cold since last two days. I think it must be because of the change in temperature. And almost felt like regret that I did take the writing commitment at this time - at the preparation for a long travel for our data collection. 

Always I found, my immunity is low when I have many works. The body forced me to rest whilst the brain could not stop. So I must be under pressure now. Luckily the kids and dad are fine. Since last few weeks, partly due to the uncertain weather, and the temperature is getting lower every day, and partly for the preparation of the long travel, we started to prepare the kids with extra supplement to avoid them from cold or flu. But in the end, it's the mommy who have it, and might infect the rest. And there are still a lot to pack! But the computer must be disinfected first.

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