Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Escape from winter

We arrived at our lovely home country last 2 weeks for our next phase of the research project. It was a very long journey of 8 hours day flight without the kids sleeping even a second. It must be a mistake choosing a day flight with the kids.  

When we arrived at 3pm, it felt so hot. We felt like the home country is hotter than before. The kids were the ones suffered more especially the baby who suffered from cold and diarrhea for days. I think, it must be because of the different climate. They are now adjusting well. Luckily, the house that we live in has air-conditioner to keep us cool. 

We started with silaturrahim visits to Kedah and Pahang in the weekend. We also had an occasion  to see our friends in the faculty for our paper presentations in a discourse held by the faculty last week. Seeing the families and friends make things feel better.

We also bumped into some students from the classes that we taught before. Many of them are in the final year now having final examination. All the best for the examination. One is about to get married right after the examination. Congratulation. One student, Aqeeda, said she read this blog and finds inspiration in it. Hopefully it does leave a trail of inspiration to us too.  

The kids also had started their school in a kindergarten near the house that we rent for these few months. They seem to enjoy the school which has various activities including swimming and sport. The only thing they lamented almost every day is they have to take short nap for 30 minutes every day after coming back from school in the afternoon care. 

The baby is still adjusting too. She is still crying in the morning when we send her to her carer. She dislikes strangers very much. In the grandparents homes, she clings to us so much that cause me back pain for having to carry her a lot.   

As to the house that we live in currently, it is so lovely. It has a fish pond in front and a playground at the back. The kids take the task of taking care of the fishes. They feed the fishes every morning and afternoon. They also do not forget to say hello and goodbye to the fishes every time they go to and come back from school. "Hello little fishes" ... "Good bye little fishes", say Ammar every time. 

Nilai has also changed. It has now its own landmark called Dataran Nilai with a park and a big commemorative clock. It also has a giant supermarket called Tesco apart from Giant that was there before. But the outlook of Giant has also changed with new shops surrounding the area. We also feel that the small town before has been livelier.


Anonymous said...

rindunyaaa aina..siann dia tak nak dgn org..ifa pun gituu jugakk taknak dgn strangers.. takper..dah lama skit ok la tu.. insyaAllah boleh jumpa lagi bulan 6 ni.. tak sabar rasanyaa,, tp bila pikir kan nak naik flite dgn budak2 ni mcm iza.. penat pulakkk rasaa.. :)

JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam kenal.. rajin2, jemput singgah my blog 'Aku Sebutir Pasir' kalau nak baca my travelling experiences ke 45 buah negara.. :)