Sunday, June 12, 2011

Animal lovers

As part of our research project, we went to Kuantan a couple of weeks ago. Once I finished my work in an office, I followed the father to meet with Dr Lian, a vet, and Julia, an animal rescuer. They are also active in an animal care society in the town. 

As to me, having been involved in an area full of dispute - when the world is felt like filled in by people struggling for none but self-interests - I was personally touched and amazed seeing such wonderful people. They are really passionate with the work, taking responsibility and care of stray cats and dogs, educating people to have some sense of care for the animals with the hope to reduce violence against the innocent creatures.

Now, I see stray cats and dogs with different views. I was not really care about the creatures before, but the people such as Julia and Dr Lian really made me change the perspective. 

I am also quite shocked to realise that many Muslims believe that dog itself is haram (prohibited) and touching dog is haram but in fact it isn't. It is only considered as dirty and we are required to cleanse ourselves in a certain way. Because of the mistaken belief, many justify the act of violence against dog. Even at times dogs were made accountable of their act when they harmed people in spite of lack of responsibility. So, are we human rationale enough?



adi said...

salam puan iza,

my name is adilah.a mother of 2 daughters.planning to further study in melbourne next year,.need your advice about school and what to bring to melbourne.preparation etc.

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Arif and Iza said...

Salam pn adilah, takde masalah, insya allah saya emel nanti, cuma perlu masa sikit, agak sibuk minggu ni..