Saturday, June 25, 2011

Clearing the airway

Because of sound of wheezing heard from her chest, and she looked stressful breathing, we brought her to a clinic to get her chest cleared. This was the first time she used it. The doctor suspected the prolonged haze was the main contributor. For Ainaa, she was calm whilst having it administered for about 15 minutes. But Mr Daddy would have to sing for her all along. 


Acid Khoudri said...

cool daddy..

Anonymous said...

Iza, same goes with Aliyah ..last week kena bwk jumpa pakar terus buat dia mmg selalu kena masa kt msia dulu..after using puff kurang skit..ifa pulak kita tgk batuk dia teruk x hilang2 kahak..bgkan puff aliyah..baru ok..ehehe..sukati je buat prescription sendiri..

Arif and Iza said...

salam acid khoudri, you'll be one too ;-)

idah, musim2 jerebu ni, nak pi outing pun susah kan.. rasanya macam kat sini sentiasa je jerebu..