Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ammar is 5

On the 6th November, the day of the eid, we also celebrated Ammar's birthday which is actually on the 7 November, or better remembered as seven eleven. He will be in preparatory grade by the next year schooling terms. Since we came back from the home country last September, we didn't send him back to his kinder. We feel that he is not ready for the school. We also could not really deal with the class timing, which really affects our schedule.

He attended his orientation sessions three times in his coming school and to our surprise he seemed happy and eager to wait for the school to start.

He could write his own name, even though he could not really know alphabets, which he hates, I think.. But he is good at numbers. He could count up to 50 in English and could do simple summation. The teachers at the school assured us that that is good enough for him to start schooling. "The rest leave to us", the principal said.

Happy birthday, our dear Ammar.

Baby Ammar

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