Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Teddy picnic

Ammar really wanted to have a teddy picnic. His brother had had it in the last week of his term past few weeks. He also saw Peppa had the picnic in one of the episodes (he he it was a cartoon.. "PeppaPig"). So we had the teddy picnic yesterday on the first day of the new year .. but indoor ;-) with everyone cuddling fav teddies ;-) on picnic mat in the hall.

We wanted to have it outside in our backyard, but, it was too hot with temperature reached up to almost 40 degree. Since Mr Daddy and the big brother were not around, attending their Ibadah Camp, we held the program for three of us.

The menu: garlic bread, tomato slices, potato chips and creamy lamb soup. There is reason for this .. Mr Daddy could not really tolerate lamb, so I took the opportunity to have lamb when he is away.

Somehow they enjoyed the picnic very much!

Happy new year.


Izan said...

lamanya tak update.. Sgt bz ke angah? Baru perasan abg ngah tak makan lamb..

Arif and Iza said...

Izan, kalut jugak la bila dah masuk term 3 ni.. huh.. abg ngah baru je start tak nak makan lamb..