Friday, June 22, 2012

When to complete?

I received an email from an activist of the cause that I am writing at present. We met during my fieldwork in Malaysia last year. He said,

"How are you keeping? I trust everything is well with you. How is your thesis coming along, already completed or still writing it. I'm eagerly waiting to read it."

This can be a pressure indeed. Seen from another angle, it is certainly a positive push factor. I really hope I can finish the first draft by end of this year. Nearing July already, the pressure is surely building up.


ibu amin mursyidi said...

kita serupa...tapi kkk lmbt sketla.. hehe... kak cik n bg cik boleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arif and Iza said...

sama2 pressure kakak.. nanti kami balik, kita sama2 celebrate jugak; submit and successful .. amin..

Shana' said...

am feeling the same pressure too :(

Syahirah Shukor said...

Insya Allah, boleh complete.