Friday, June 22, 2012

Winter and chilblain

The forecast for today.

What a gloomy day.

Coming from a hot climate, winter is certainly the most challenging for us.

The kids seem fine. Only in the beginning, Ainaa was not well with a bit athmatic symptoms. Thanx Allah, she is doing well now.

Only Mr Daddy has quite serious chilblain this time - the term that only recently I found out. Ammar and me especially had suffered from itchy and swollen toes during the first winter we were here. I thought it was only a simple eczema. At that time, I tried to search through google to find out what it is - using terms such as "cold and itchy toes", "winter and itchy toes" - but they did not lead to this finding, that it was actually chilblains. Only recently I found out that it was a condition caused by cold. Mr Daddy's is quite serious, all his fingers and toes are swollen, itchy and painful.

This is what chilblains is caused of:
What are Chilblains caused by?
When your feet and toes get cold, the blood vessels constrict and the circulation is impaired. In your effort to warm your feet as fast as you can, you may accidentally be causing damage to tiny capillaries and vessels in your toes. Putting your feet into a hot water bath will increase the circulation to your toes, but faster than the blood vessels can expand. The rapid increase in blood pressure can cause the restricted capillaries and cells to rupture, allowing blood to leak into the surrounding tissues. This blood plasma seepage creates the chilblains.

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