Friday, October 16, 2009

Admiring the baby...

During maternity leave, apart of resting and recovering, the thing I love most is to watch the baby grows. She's my third baby, yet, I am amazed to see how great Allah creature is. Admiring the baby, camera must be always at my side to record this..

Within less than 2 months on this world, the baby's cheeks have been rounder and 'chubbier'. In a month she has reached 3.9kg in weight.

She is now able to put her fingers in her mouth.

From the very first day she was bornt, she also likes to see human faces and concentrates to you when you speak to her. I guess she must be trying to understand what you want to say to her.

She is also able to give you her meaningful smile. See this.

Since last 2-3 days, she too has been able to express herself with her voice.

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