Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Green the earth

From my house window this afternoon, I saw several workers collecting rubbish from the waste bins located in front of houses in the vicinity. They must be contractors from Alam Flora. They took the plastics containing the discarded items from garbage cases, chucked out the trashes into a lorry and separate items that may have sale value such as bottles, cans, papers and boxes. I believe they must collect the items to resell them for their extra income.

I think, their works would be a lot easier if we, consumers, could separate the items into several bags so that the workers would not need to shuffle the dirty waste to find things that can be reused or recycled.

Doing good to others make you feel good too... .

Besides it helps the efforts to save the environment. Who else to do it if not us?

We make it as a practice at our house to have two baskets for the rubbish. Wet, smelly trash would be put in one closed basket and the rest would be put in another basket so that the stinky garbage does not mix with the dry unwanted items. Besides, it saves your plastic bags given that you would not need to empty the trash in the dry basket as frequent as the wet litter bin's.

We also set aside the unwanted papers including the newspapers, old books, uninvited advertisement flyers in our letter box (that are many!), paper boxes, wrapping papers, bills, envelopes etc so that we can sell it to the man collecting this kind of trash every week. Average we can get about RM2.00 weekly which we can give it to the children to wait for the ice-cream man in the afternoon. That is another saver!

If everyone can do only a little, that means a lot to our environment.

So take charge of your part!

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