Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Medical check-up

Last week, we, the whole family, went for a medical check-up at a healthcare centre at PJ.

The medical check-up is required for visa application and for requirement of the sponsor too. To enter Australia, other than as tourist, you need to undergo stringent and long procedure. The required medical check-up can only be done at selected healthcare centres only.

How much did we pay for the charges? RM1,200! RM200+ for two adults. 155 for kid of 5-year-old and RM130 for children below 5 years old. And for the extra form for each of us provided by our sponsor to be filled in by the doctor was charged RM40.00. Huh, an amount that we didn't expect. We brought cash of RM700 only.
Sadly, we can only claim from our sponsor RM20 per person for the check-up.
So students preparing to study abroad, you need to have cash in advance. So far, the amount we have spent for the preparations is almost RM10K.

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