Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something to ponder

Again it has been a while since we updated this page. There are so much things to write... about the Aidilfitri, travels, the visit of our dear family members, etc, but there are so much other things to do.

Just for this, we would like to extend this thought for us to ponder and to remind ourselves. Think about our office, do we have the right attitude, the right order in priority?

Unable to avoid comparison, there are things that we can learn from them. In the university offices and library for instance, we can feel being treated as a customer. Some may not be friendly, but we can expect our problems solved. With just an email or a phone call, things can settle. Books via inter library loan even from foreign countries can reach within days. Softwares are shared with students. In the beginning when we were not really familiar with the system, we could rely on the library staff to assist us in so many things. When once I got problem with my endnote software installed in my personal notebook, with a phone call, an IT technician came to my office to get it fixed and he called the next day to see if things were running smooth.

With the facilities and physical infrastructures that we have in our home country, I believe we could be better, provided we have the right attitude and we know the right priority. Good procedure is also inevitable for many good intentions and efforts are hampered simply because of bureaucracy issue. Many improvements have been achieved though, and should be acknowledged, but a lot more are needed.

Just to share the following article that I take from Utusan Malaysia today (in Malay language). This is really meant to be (and hope to be taken as) constructive.

Satu-satunya Masalah Di Malaysia Ini ialah...

SAYA amat tertarik membaca tulisan Syed Akbar Ali dalam blognya OutSyed The Box bertajukThe One & Only Problem In Malaysia atau Satu-satunya Masalah di Malaysia Ini.

Topiknya lari sama sekali dari politik. Ia berkaitan dengan realiti hidup seharian di Malaysia. Ia berkaitan dengan sikap dan etika kerja. Ia berkaitan dengan bagaimana anda, sama ada kakitangan kerajaan, pelajar, mahasiswa, peniaga, orang makan gaji melayan orang lain atau berusaha untuk memperbaiki diri sendiri.

Kononnya, orang Melayu itu bersopan-santun, beragama, berilmu? Jika itulah amalannya maka tiadalah masalah yang akan berlaku di kalangan orang kita sekarang atau dalam sistem jabatan kerajaan.

Seperti biasa tulisan Syed Akbar banyak mengondem sikap orang Melayu, namun seperti beliau mempunyai nawaitu yang baik dan murni. Walaupun pedas didengar tapi itulah hakikatnya, yang semua orang Melayu harus menerimanya --- untuk kebaikan mereka.

Syed Akbar yang juga penulis buku Malaysia and The Club of Doom (Malaysia dan Kelab Kemusnahan), menyimpulkan orang Melayu masih gagal bersaing sepenuhnya. Kita harus mencari jalan segera bagi membolehkan mereka bersaing, katanya.

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