Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thousand words a day

Early in the morning today, Bruno, a professor of law in my school, give me a yardstick on how to assess whether a student, i.e. postgraduate by research, is working hard. Have you written a thousand words today, or 500 words? If you’ve not, then you are not working hard. It’s a simple yardstick.

So, posing that question to ourselves, it’s hard to answer in affirmative. Hold to that, we must have almost half finished our theses by now.

Bruno is a man full of advice that every student desired for. He once said to me, just write everything that comes across to mind especially while reading. It can be in point forms only scattered in different documents. Stick to it. After a while, you’ll see it grows and expands.


Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

Good nak Istiqamah tu lah masalahnya...

Arif and Iza said...

ya na, easy sound, but not that easily practised.

think this way, you are already on the track, just go ahead, no turning back, no matter what.

Hunny said...

Hundred words a day already difficult!!