Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back to Melbourne

We were back in Melbourne in the past few days. We were grateful that my mom was very helpful in assisting us to clean the house that we left. Thank you to all the families accompanying us to the airport. Our parents came all the way from Kedah. It is indeed a show of support for us and prayer from them for us to complete this mission.

Busy with packing and unpacking businesses these weeks whilst struggling with the jet-lags and change of time, minds somehow were always grumbling with the unfinished business - our research! We took longer than expected in our timeline, but taking the positive side - another step has finished. We attempted to finish our transcribing works before departing, but still they were half way done at present. 

A respected Professor in the National University Malaysia, the last interviewee that we both met just a few days before our departure - gave us an inspiring words that are worth sharing: "Enjoy writing and finish your theses. They are not going to be the last words you are going to say, but the most important thing is to complete your theses first." 

The kids are coping very well. Only me caught cold since in the flight and now, Alhamdulillah, got rid of it.

The house is very good - except the bushes in the backyard blossom. Some 'things' inside the house grow especially the kitchen utensils left by those in transit in the house before going back to the home country for good. Any newcomers in need of these things may come in contact with me.

Spring is in the beginning. Flowers come into bloom. Lavender in front of the house is in full blossom. We find a white tulip or a kind of it in the backyard among the bushes that we have never seen before. The weather is fine. The sky is blue. Spring is the most beautiful time of the year.

This afternoon, we had the opportunity to join Eid gathering in Jack Roper Reserve for Malaysian students around the northern part of the city and those from Bundoora too. We also had an Eid visit to Idah's house. Catching up with friends once in a while, what more in a celebration like this, is a refreshing and recharging occasion.

The next important things to do are to do report for the earlier phase, to finish transcribing, and to write.

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