Friday, September 2, 2011

The Beautiful 'Eid

We celebrated Eid ul Fitri on 30 August 2011. Eid ul Fitri is a festival for all Muslims celebrated on the 1st Syawal ie which marks the end of Ramadhan - the month in which all Muslims are required to fast. This is also regarded as the day of victory for the ability to fulfill the obligation of fasting, the health and strength  to face challenges and other good deeds recommended to be done during the holy month of Ramadhan. In short it is a big day for all Muslims. It has been a tradition to gather with families and to visit relatives and friends during the day and for the whole month too.   

Indeed it was beautiful eid for us. There are so many reasons for this. First, we went back to our hometown to celebrate the eid with our family of my side after two eid without the company of them. We will be going back to visit our family in Kedah a week after which is also to attend the wedding of my sister-in-law. 

Second, all of my siblings gathered in my mom's house during the eid which I think the first time that we were able to get together after many years. The great children of my parents now reach the number of 10 making the small house was just like a shipwreck..

And last which is the landmark for the memory of this year's eid is the gathering of all members of a big family of our great great grandfather, Hj Mat Said Hj Dollah - the first time occasion in the history of our family. The move towards the organisation of the gathering started with a conversation in a page in the Facebook which led then to this joyful event. We were blessed with the crowd that turned out in the house of Ecik Atan and Makcik Kama, a relative, in Kampung Luit, from the oldest that live at present, Tokki Mat Arif to the youngest great great grandchildren. Almost all members in family were present except  a few in this wonderful occasion. Many hope that this gathering could be held again in future and become bi- or annual event for the family.

Eid Mubarak to all. 

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