Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ibadah Summer Camp

A concern of parents here is whether the kids could have the bi’ah or the setting necessary for them to be a good Muslim. Islam is made and felt as the way of life - the fundamental ideal that could be the base of everything in life. Out of this concern, the communities here held an ibadah summer camp for the children last week. The program was held for two days on the 23-24th December at the Belle Vue Park Primary School hall, Glenroy.

There were 85 children of Malaysian communities attending the program. They came from the areas around the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Farhan also joined camp. The father also participated as the facilitator. Ammar who was also keen to join, but not allowed for he is still too young to concentrate, just took part in the sport session.

Many others turn to a range of roles, from cook to cleaners, teachers to managers. We could see they were so committed to make the program a success. Hope to have such a program again soon.

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