Monday, December 20, 2010

A note on this week’s weather

The severe wintry weather of the northern hemisphere must have come to the southern hemisphere. Glenroy is in summer - but with the temperature plummets as low as 7 degree especially at night, the weather this week is just like winter. There are intermittent rains, strong wind bringing chill air, thick grey clouds in the sky and even snowfalls in mountain areas. As November, it is said that this month is the coldest December in at least 53 years. As a result, we have to take out all the thick blankets, socks and jumpers kept for the winter for us to keep warm. With the range of temperature within a day is very wide; very cold at night and warmer during the day especially in the afternoon, noses also start complaining…

Earth, Man and Allah – The Ultimate Creator

Human being is a book
A story line foretold with a proper look
God’s signs shown in the cosmos *
But sad to say Man has forgotten all those

(Qalamuddin -

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