Friday, December 31, 2010

The summer peak

Is today the peak of this summer? Maximum of the temperature is expected at 40 degree celcius. The minimum is 12. A very wide range.

And now, at this time of writing, 4.18pm, the temperature meter in the computer monitor shows the maximum expected - 40 degree.

Since the study room faces towards the sunset, the heat is really distracting.

"It is Allah Who created everything in the best of form…"
(As Sajdah 32: 7)
It is He Who created and perfected all things."
(Al A'alaa 87:2)


Zinnirah Hafilah said...

hye, i'm a friend of your youngest sister, zety.. we study together in KMPh.. I would love to see summer there... hope u will upload some photo of summer together with ur family... tq...

Arif and Iza said...

Salam, Insya Allah we will upload some photos if we have time. All the best for your study. Best regard.

Arif and Iza said...

Zinnirah, you can also have a look at our friends' blogs listed in the blogroll. Our warm regard to you.