Friday, June 12, 2015

Cameron Highland's strawberry

Ainaa concluded at the end of the trip that: "Cameron Highland is aall.. about strawberries". "Strawberry is everywhere!" She said.

What to enjoy is the strawberry, the fresh is the best regardless of various products they made of the strawberries. Since the time in Melbourne, that was the first time they could enjoy a lot of fresh strawberries.

For the second day we went to a strawberry farm with variety of other vegetables, flowers and cacti. The choice was based on accessibility ie the closest to our stay room considering the traffic jam. But the entrance to the strawberry farm was closed - we suspected that was because they ran out of strawberries. So no strawberry picking. Again think very well before going there during long holiday. 

Somehow we enjoyed the time there, the views and the taste of their strawberry cakes, strawberry ice-creams, strawberry, tomato and vegetable salad, smoothies and pies!

Got some cacti to bring home too.

Right after that, we headed home before a quick drop by at a morning market to buy some vegetables and strawberries too.

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