Sunday, June 7, 2015

Family trip to Cameron Highlands - May 2015

It was a long holiday. Labour day fell on Friday. Wesak celebration was on Sunday and Monday was subtituted as holiday.

We had a gathering with families from Kedah at Cameron Highlands. Quite a big number of them. They are 3 families of my father-in-law's siblings. Another is the 3 generations of my own in-laws. They invited us to join their big gathering and had booked the residence for quite some time.

As we were warned of the bad traffic in the highland during long holidays, we were quite reluctant to join initially. However thinking that it's quite difficult to have such opportunity to be together with them, we finally packed our bag. 

Even we actually had started the journey on Friday, but turned back as the traffic in all highways almost stood still. We started again the journey the next day on the early Saturday morning at about 4 am. The traffic was good and we reached Brinchang by 11 am. 

At Brincang, it was cloudy and rain showering at times. The temperature was 20 degree at 11 am. We met with the rest of the team at a petrol station near Brinchang Police Station. They decided to do to a tea plantation near Tanah Rata.

As warned of the traffic, the trip took us almost 30 minutes despite the short distance.

The travel worth it may be with the amazing green view awaiting us with good and sufficient facilities. Even the toilet has an opened window facing the green tea plantation...

There was a tea cafe with so many people in queue. We had a taste of a jug of tea shared among all of us. It was good. 

There was also a shop selling tea and other Cameron's specialty products like dried strawberry, ice- cream and some memorabilia. The tea is slightly more expensive than the ones sold in Mardi agropark.

The kids, as usual are the happiest. The tea trees are like maze they could run around and had the fun of hide and seek.